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A different kind of resurrection

I’ve been reflecting on the resurrection this week. I like the idea of resurrection! Something dies, and then is miraculously raised to life in less than three (or sometimes four) days! There are times when I’ve lost someone or lost something (a friend, a dream, a ministry, a job) and […]



My 4 Leadership Corners

Last month I turned 45—that was a shift (I’m now closer to 50 than 40) This week, my life is about to change again. Drastically. On Saturday I’ll serve my last day as a denominational overseer, and then, on Sunday morning, I will be installed, and preach, at the church […]




Well, hello agin! Over the last 5 weeks I was on a break—I took some of that time off of work, and I intentionally didn’t write on my blog. In fact, I spent as much time as possible doing things like hanging out with my family, processing my thoughts, reading, […]